Best Android games of May 2018

Best Android games of May 2018: It’s time to get ready for awesome play, get your hands on mobile and more. But wait a min, have you decided a particular game get your hands-on? If not then read the whole content.

Best Android games of May 2018


Best Android games of May 2018

This is a huge player vs player battle royale game that gets 100 players facing each other on a vast island equipped with weapons, ammunition, tactical gear, and cars and bikes. You go in as a solo gamer or as part of a squad and must practice all your favourite skills to shot down your enemies until you’re the one man remaining. PUBG Mobile anyhow gives all the epic times you’d assume the PC game compared down correctly for smartphones. Best of all, it costs nothing to play.

Alto’s Adventure

Best Android games of May 2018

Skeeing at high speed has nevermore been so entertaining as it is in Alto’s Adventure. The very easy one-touch command allows you control Alto down the hill while seizing big air, grinding points and having many backflips. With excellent endless hill scenery, marvellous day-to-night changes and an awesome soundtrack, this is a must-have on any smartphone.

Rules of Survival (ROS)

Best Android games of May 2018

Similar to PUBG, you’ll jump in, loot houses to equip up and do your best to remain all the action to the end. But rather of 100 gamers, Rules of Survival increases the amount to 120. You can go it solo mode, or in a squad of up to four gamers if you need to try out a squad training.

Space Marshals

Best Android games of May 2018

Sci-fi and Westerns are the jellies and peanut butter of genre combining, and Space Marshals actually capture the stuff that performs that union exceptional. The game is a tactical top-down shooting with a meaningful stealth element that divides it from the package.

Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery

Best Android games of May 2018

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP initially released on 24 March 2011, and it yet stands out now as one of the biggest points of smartphone gaming. It’s an unfamiliar, beautiful, sad, innovative adventure play regarding a warrior on a magical quest.

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