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The GTA 6 Release Date Notification In GTA 5’s Online Mode Is Fake

Grand Theft Auto V players in GTA Online have reported receiving in-game messages stating that Grand Theft Auto VI will launch in 2019. Developer Rockstar Games has addressed the rumors, confirming the messages are fake and not from official channels.

GTA Online players reported receiving the message, which reads, “Rockstar Message GTA VI Coming 2019,” on Reddit and the GTA Online forum. This inevitably prompted people to ask the Rockstar Support Twitter account about it. The response follows below; it confirms it is indeed a hoax, as suspected.

Although Rockstar hasn’t provided any information on how this happened, the Reddit community has speculated that an opportunistic hacker is using mods and a flaw in the Rockstar Social Club’s messaging system to send out the message. Perhaps the biggest giveaway is that the pop-up messages are predominantly appearing in the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC versions of the game, where mods are more prevalent.

Grand Theft Auto V
Hacker is using mods to send out the messages.

Obviously, it’d be incredibly out of character for Rockstar to simply reveal the release date for the next entry in its biggest franchise in such a haphazard way. Rockstar like to be very measured in the way it reveals games, delivering fleeting teases and drip-feeding little details to build up excitement.

On top of that, casually announced GTA VI would steal all the thunder from its next game: Red Dead Redemption 2. As confirmed in July, Red Dead Redemption 2’s release date is October 26, 2018. The much-anticipated sequel will be available for PS4 and Xbox One. Rockstar hasn’t said whether the game is coming to PC, but one of the programmers working on the game has indicated Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC is in development.

GTA 6 Release date and News

Everyone wants a piece of Grand Theft Auto 6.

Whenever Rockstar updates GTA Online heads swivel and the inevitable question returns – when is GTA 6 coming out?

Unfortunately, Rockstar has barely hinted about a new Grand Theft Auto game, and the majority of leaks have been rumors at best, guesswork, or just straight up lies at worst. A cottage industry creating GTA 6 YouTube videos has sprung up, but these are no more legit than your friend whose uncle works at Rockstar and has played the alpha. Dude, no one has played the game.

There is hope that it exists in some form though. Back in March 2016, we reported that GTA 6 was in production. This was before Rockstar said it was concentrating so heavily on GTA Online though, so schedules will have no doubt changed. But GTA 5 has shipped 85 million copies. Of course, GTA 6 is going to be in production in some form.

More recently, a big leak came from The Know citing an inside source, that suggests GTA 6 returns to Vice City, features a female lead and could be out as late as 2022.

GTA 6 release date – when is GTA 6 out?

Rockstar recently took the very rare step of dismissing a rumor that GTA 6 would be released in 2019. Some modders had hacked GTA Online to show a pop-up that advertised the next Grand Theft Auto game would be coming out in 2019. That’s bollocks, obviously, and the rumor was soon shot down.

Look, we’ll be brutally honest with you. GTA 6 doesn’t have an official release date yet, and even when it does, Rockstar has a history of delays. GTA 5 was held back, and the PC version was also delayed a couple of times. The next big game from Rockstar is Red Dead Redemption 2, and that’s already been delayed. So when GTA 6 does eventually get its first release date, don’t put money on it.

The most recent rumors from The Know suggest a long wait for GTA 6. If it’s still 3-4 years away, expect GTA 6 to be released around 2022.

GTA 6 map – where is the next GTA game set?

Everyone has their own idea of where the next GTA 6 map should be. And it’s not just fans of the series – this real estate company recreated their own map of Portland complete with pins pointing out knocking shops and tattoo parlors for a few clicks. Aside from London, GTA games aren’t set in real-world locations although each of their maps is based on largely populated cities. Liberty City was based on New York, while Los Santos incorporates LA and the surrounding county. Expect a map for GTA 6 to have bigger size goals then, and to suck up familiar parts of the United States.

Rumors from The Know are pointing to Vice City as the locations for GTA 6, as well as suggesting there will be travel outside of the US to South America to continue missions there. If so, it would mark a big change to move outside of the United States but could provide a complete alternative environment to a sprawling cosmopolitan city.

GTA 6 news

Who’s always got the GTA news for you? We have. We’ve got an extensive library of all things GTA 5, GTA Online and GTA 6 speculation. Bookmark this page because if anything important breaks, we’ll be on it like a tramp on chips.

GTA 6 characters – can we expect Franklin, Trevor or Michael to return?

We’re pretty certain the stories of GTA 5’s protagonists are over, as they never did make it into the promised GTA 5 single-player story DLC. But when GTA 6 does surface you should expect a few familiar faces, names, companies and locations to crop up. There’s history here; Lazlow Jones has been knocking around GTA games since GTA 3, Ken Rosenburg has represented Tommy from Vice City and CJ from San Andreas, and CJ, Sweet and Ryder all make a fleeting appearance in GTA 5.

GTA 6 could be the first in the series to focus heavily on a female lead, according to those rumors from The Know. We would expect multiple protagonists again, as we saw with GTA 5, and a major female character should liven up the Grand Theft Auto formula.

GTA 6 cars – what cars will be in GTA 6?

The list of vehicles in GTA 5 and GTA Online is extensive, to say the least. If it exists in real-life then you can bet your ass Rockstar will recreate something similar for a GTA game. That goes for cars from proper manufacturers, military vehicles and fiction – like this Batmobile inspired Vigilante.

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