The Microsoft Transparent About Data Collection

The Microsoft Transparent About Data Collection

The Microsoft Transparent About Data Collection

The Microsoft is collaborating with the Indian officials during elections, and monitoring activities at the polling booths, an official of the global tech giant have said, asserting that the company is transparent on the collection of data run on its platforms.

The official says the company’s privacy policies were helping customers to keep their data private and in their control.

“Election officials in India have used our productivity and Cloud platforms for the collaboration and running the election process, including monitoring of the activities at polling booths. Our customers, the respective government departments to owning all data relating to the processes they run on our platforms,” a Microsoft spokesperson tells.

The spokesperson did not specify in which the election Microsoft was collaborating Indian officials.

Microsoft was responding to a question on its policy regarding the third-party use of data, privacy and data protection in the wake of a controversy which is involving Facebook and Cambridge Analytica.

The spokesperson says the Microsoft was transparent on the data collection and empowering users to make the informing decisions.

“We make our policies and practices clear and accessible to everyone,” the official says.

Research lab of Washington company is heading through the Indian-American Satya Nadella also to put out the statement by saying the policies.  Including “how we secure the data, store and manage it, how we delete the data, which is access customer data and on what terms and how we are responding to government requests on a data and how we help the customers meet the compliance requirements”.

The spokesperson says the company’s privacy policies and processes are helping the customers to keep their data private and under their control.

“We do not use the users’ email, chat, files or other personal content to the target marketing activities to them,” the spokesperson says.

In a blog post, Microsoft says the Cloud computing has to change the privacy equation between citizens and the state.

The Microsoft Transparent About Data Collection

No longer will an individual or company is necessarily knowing when the government was searching its information. And without that knowledge, individuals and companies are lacking the ability to protect their rights, it says.

The company has filed the four lawsuits against the US Government on the latter’s alleged interference in the privacy matters and data protection, in particular, search warrants.

“Law enforcement needs to an effective and privacy rights need to be protecting. The journey is not yet complete, and we are looking forward to continuing work with many others to sees a successful conclusion,” it says.

The US Department of Justice and Microsoft approaching  US Supreme Court yesterday to dismissing a case in which both pitted against each other.

It comes after the Congress who is passing CLOUD Act. Now sign into law by President Donald Trump. The act clarifies the federal government’s authority when requesting the user information held by the US industrial company in the outside countries.

“Microsoft has argued from the beginning of the case that Congress is the proper branch to update the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of the year 1986,” Microsoft says.

“Congress alone, we insisting, has the tools to address the question whether, and when, the law enforcing may demand access to private electronic communications storing in the other countries,” it says.

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