Top World Secrets You’ll Never Know the Truth About

Top World Secrets You’ll Never Know the Truth About: Hello everyone today i am sharing some exciting facts about Top World Secrets You’ll Never Know the Truth About

Top World Secrets You’ll Never Know the Truth About

Genghis Khan tomb

For centuries, people were curious about the location of the tomb of the notorious Genghis Khan. Multiple discoveries were made in Mongolia and China, yet no one can definitely say where the great leader is buried.

Mount Rushmore secret

During the construction of this famous monument, architect Gutzon Borglumwanted to create a Hall of Chronicles inside the cliff face. For this purpose, he excavated a cave behind the head of Abraham Lincoln. In 1998, more than 50 years after his death, copies of important documents and the memoirs of various presidents were placed inside the unfinished hall, which now serves as a time capsule. Nobody knows how the cave was used, remaining empty for 50 years. Some people think there were some secret laboratories. anyone knows?

Stone ball in Bosnia

Some people suppose that our ancient ancestors made such rocks as symbols of sky objects or as a delimiter for the borders of their dominions. Actually, the origins of the stone balls in different countries around the planet are unknown and unexplained.

Red glow over the Pacific Ocean

Red glow over the Pacific Ocean

This strange red light was first seen by Christiaan van Heijst. He was flying from Hong Kong to Alaska in his Boeing 747-8 when he noticed a red glow beneath him. This glow appeared after a flash of distant lightning. Nowadays, this phenomenon remains unexplained. Scientists think it might be a reflection of a volcanic eruption beneath the ocean.

Animal migration

Animal migration is a, of course, a totally natural phenomenon. Birds fly south for the winter, and they always have done. For thousands of year, animals have traveled from one place to another, usually during the same season of the year.

But even now, scientists still can’t explain exactly how or why they do it. How does the information of where to go and why to go there get passed down generations? Is it genetics? It’s still and mystery and it might remain that way!

Moeraki Boulders

These huge and amazing looking spherical boulders are part of a family of rocks called concretions. Because they look so unusual, concretions have been interpreted to be dinosaur eggs, animal and plant fossils, extraterrestrial debris or human artifacts.

Local legend has it that the Moeraki Boulders, which appear on the coastline of New Zealand, are the remains of eel baskets, washed ashore from the wreck of Arai-te-Uru, a large sailing canoe. Even though we now know they definitely aren’t those, it’s still unclear exactly how these stones formed!

Stone labyrinths of Bolshoi Zayatsky Island

There are a lot of spiral stone constructions on Bolshoi Zayatsky Island, in Russia, and nobody knows what they’re for.

Suggestions include a symbolised a border between this world and the underworld, and the labyrinth may have been used for rituals to help the souls of the dead pass on. Another hypothesis is that the settings may have served as a model for complex fishing equipment. But we may never know for sure.